When Winning Matters Most!


Unlike some of the games we play growing up - planning for some of life's most important phases, like retirement, doesn't come with or allow for "re-do's."  Do you remember, as a youngster, if something went horribly wrong in some of the games we would play - you could quickly, and boldly proclaim a "re-do" and just like that--you had a second chance. 


As an adult, playing golf with friends, I was quickly introduced to what is simply referred to as, the "mulligan." That was because I needed one!  If you shank a shot off the tee box--no problem, just claim your "mulligan."  Casual golfers might allow one for the front nine, and one for the back nine.  I've even played in fundraising tournaments when you could practically buy as many mulligans as you wanted.  You can go through the course like a buzz saw, using your mulligans at will, claiming your opportunity to get it right, or at least better, over and over again.


Unfortunately life doesn't work that way, especially when it comes to money and the principles of finance.  That is because financial independence, a solid retirement that takes into consideration all the elements of life--the good, with the bad . . . doesn't just happen.  It requires a plan.  The plan must be diligently executed consistently, over time.  It will require periodic reviews, testing, questioning, adjustments and tweaking from time to time.  And yes, the vast majority of us will need some help along the way, another set of eyes--some professional expertise.  The reason is obvious, there's way too much at stake!  At seventy years of age, you can't just say, "Well, that didn't work. Re-do!  I'll take one of my mulligans!" 


At Carr Capital, we can provide a variety of different avenues to help you reach your financial goals.  It all starts with a casual conversation focused on what retirement means to you.  And like a lot of things we discover in life, it’s not so much the things we want that matter most—it’s the things we can’t live without! Once we’ve identified those key elements, together we combine the resources you have available with our experience and solutions to formulate a tailor-made, financial game plan that flat delivers!  


Winning is about results. When it's imperative to get it right and everything's on the line . . . when winning matters most--Carr Capital.